6-inch Steel Wired Grass Cutter Round Head Weed Trimmer Brush Blade

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Tired of your trimmer being too weak to cut tough weeds?

Replace your trimmer head with the Break Proof Steel Trimmer Blade that slices through grass, branches, weeds super FAST!

Trimmer Blades are constructed from high-grade steel alloy for ultra hardness, sharpness and extra durability.

Designed with 360° wire steel blades for full coverage cutting with no dead spots. Cut more effectively with less time while saving gas or electricity.

Wide range of application. Great for garden, walkways, lawn, plant wall, car park, remove heavy rust, cement slag, paint, spatter and scale removal, clean up welding edge.

Especially in lawn trimming, removing moss and weeds between corners and paving tiles, It can cover all the weeds around the tree and has a better trimming effect. 

Easy to install. Simply place the brush cutter head on the top bolt of the straight shaft trimmer, and then use the washer and nut to fix it can be used normally. 

This steel wire wheel brush grass trimmer has a 1-inch/25mm hole in the center, suitable for most straight shaft trimmer models (including most stroke, four-stroke, backpack-type mowers),  also suits most straight-shaft garden pole tools products.

Applicable to Husqvarna, Echo, Oregon, Hitachi, Black & Decker, Greenworks, and Stihl Stihl FS55, FS56, FS70, FS70R, FS74, FS80, FS80R, FS85R, FS89, FS90, FS90R, FS91, FS100, FS110, FS110R, FS94, FS94R, FS120, FS120R, FS130, FS130R , FS131, FS200, FS240, FS240R, FS250, FS260R trimming machine.


  • Material: Steel

  • Color: Silver

  • Total Diameter: 6 inch/150mm

  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 1 inch/25mm

  • Package Included: 1 x Steel wire brush cutter trimmer head

 *Attachment only, pole is not included

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