Yeast Measuring Tool Cups Jugs Weighing Device 2 Pcs

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Material: The yeast measuring cup is made of styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer resin, easy to clean, not easy to damage, heat-resistant up to 70 degrees celsius, and the sealing clip is made of polypropylene plastic.

Advantage: The measuring cup is embossed with a scale for a clearer display and ease of use, allowing for accurate yeast measurement. The curved mouth of the measuring cup is more smoothly infused, so it can be poured without spilling.

Size: Height 5.31 in/135 mm, weight 0.07 LBS/33 g, can weigh 0.002-0.01 LBS/1-6 g of yeast.

Unique Design: Multi-functional design measuring cup, one cup for two uses, the back of the measuring cup for the sealing clip, you can seal the bag, so that your food will not get wet.

Application: An essential measuring tool for cooking, baking and ingredient distribution, perfect for home, restaurants, coffee shops and more. This yeast measuring cup is a great addition to your baking moments and provides a lot of fun and convenience to your baking experience.

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