Waterpulse Nasal Wash Cleaner Nose Wash Irrigation Pot for Adult Kid

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Nasal wash is based on human nasal internal physiological structure characteristic for product design, experts recommend regular cleaning of the nasal cavity within the nasal cavity to remove dirt, pollen, postoperative residue, dust, etc

  • Capacity: 300ml,Package includes:1* Bottle, 1*adult head, 1*child head

  • Individual daily use, It is a practical product for Nose Care,Which helps to remove dirt, pollenm postoperative residue, dust, etc.

  • Neti pots are used to perform saline nasal irrigation for treating symptoms of sinusitis, fever, nasal allergies, cold and flu

  • For cleaning and moistening the nose,Please do not lose the gasket when you clean the lid. Otherwise it will leak.

  • Simple and Effective, Healthy and Durable

Package includes: 
1 x Adult Nasal Wash
1 x Children Nasal Wash
1 x 300ml Bottle

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