VGR Professional Hair Cutting Trimmer Clipper Grooming Kit

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0 cutter head, ultra short pitch, leaving hair length only 0.1mm, can be used for engraving, trimming, pushing

Low temperature rise, low heat during work, giving you a gentle and comfortable haircut experience

High hardness stainless steel material, automatic grinding without rust, long life

5 limit combs, novices and shaved gospel

Using the blade fitting technology to reduce the friction between the movable knife and the fixed knife, effectively reducing noise

Suitable for all types of hair, design for men/women/baby/children/old people/barber shop


* Product Name: VGR 0 cutter carving scissors

* Model: V030

* Know at the end: stainless steel cutter head

* Net weight: 131g

* Charging time: 1.5h

* Use time: 2h

* Voltage: 100-240V~50/60HZ

* Power: 10W

* Power mode: USB rechargeable

* Cleaning method: knife head washing

Packing list:

- 1 x Hair Timmer Machine

- 1 x UAB charging cable

- 5 x guide combs (1mm/2mm/3mm/4mm/5 mm)

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