USB Blackhead Vacuum Removal Pore Cleanser 3 Suction Levels

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Do you have oily skin and suffer from blackheads and acne? Using this blackhead remover, just say goodbye to your blackhead and enjoy a refresh new look!

6 MUTI-FUNCTIONAL REPLACEABLE PROBES: Provide 6 replaceable probes, can deeply clean pores. Choose different professional suction heads to adapt to different types of face areas. Remove blackheads, dead skin cells, dirt, oil and reduce fine lines, pull and tighten pores.

3 ADJUSTABLE STRENGTH LEVEL DISPLAY: Combined with 3 adjustable strength level, harmless to all kind of skin, deeply cleans facial pores, shrinks pores and repairs damaged skin tissue. Low level can be used for sensitive skin, Medium level for small blackhead and High Level for big blackhead or pores.

VACUUM TECHNOLOGY: Adopts vacuum technology, can effectively remove stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, dirt inside pores, grease and makeup residues, smooth wrinkles. Encourages blood circulation and revitalizes the skin tighter, firming, smooth and compact.

RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE: Built-in rechargeable battery ensures you never have to worry about buying new batteries and you can easily take it with you while traveling and use it anywhere you like.

6 Different Probes
- Mini Round Hole Head: less suction for sensitive skin or blackhead.
- Small Round Head: remove blackhead, weaker suction, which is suitable for sensitive skin.
- Medium Round Head: high suction, use tp absorb blackheads, acne grease.
- Large Round Head: stronger suction, which is suitable for stubborn blackhead.
- Elliptical Hole Head: make your skin more elastic and compact perfect for T zone.
- Micro Beauty Head: exfoliating keratin and dead skin, desalt scar.

Probes: 6pcs
Suction Levels: 3 Levels
Powered by: USB Cable (included)
Voltage: 5V
Current: 1A
Power: 5W
Size: 185 x 4.8mm

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