Universal 1080° Swivel Faucet Extender Rotatable Multifunctional Extension Faucet

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1080° Rotation: Supports 1080° rotation, allowing the mechanical arm, installation head, and water outlet to rotate 360° for convenient face washing, item washing, and basin washing.

2 Adjustable Modes: Faucet extender offers shower mode and bubble mode, providing ample water while being splash-proof. Easily switch between water outlet modes to meet different needs.

High Quality Materials: Made of high-quality copper and stainless steel, making it rust resistant. Rugged construction ensures durability to last for years. The chrome finished surface is well polished and electroplated, bright and shiny after a long use.

Wide Application: Suitable for kitchen sinks, bathrooms, laundry rooms, washbasins, hotels, toilets, and more. Ergonomically designed for convenient use and also filters out impurities.

Splash Proof: Equipped with 2pcs washers to prevent dripping and designed to be splash-proof. The water flow is soft and gentle, making it suitable for tasks like handwashing or toothbrush cleaning without wetting your clothes.

Easy to Install: Comes with washers, a wrench, and a small hexagon wrench for easy installation, saving time and effort. Features a universal standard interface for easy connection and stability without shaking.

This product can be installed directly on a faucet with 24mm female thread and 22mm male thread aerator connector.

Material: Stainless Steel

Package Content: 1 x Faucet Extender, 1 set tools

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