Ultrasonic Ion Facial Massager

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Unique and fashionable design

Combined with physical vibration massage and Ionic releasing technology.

Improve skin Wrinkles, keep the secret of youth.

Iontophoresis massage skin; removing skin wrinkles.

Ion cleaning function which is equipped with strong vibration massage

Clean deeply and comfortable cleaning

Shrink Pore

Recovery the skin elasticity and glossiness


Skin clean: with the function of positive ions, it can clean our skin accompany with skin care products more deeply and fully.

Nutrition introduction: with negative ions, it introduces the nutrition of skin care products into the casual cells constantly to keep the cells flexibility and vigor.

Massage: through the vibration massage, it will relax our skin, accelerate the blood circulation, and promote the metabolism.

Beauty: removing skin wrinkles, recovery the skin elasticity and glossiness.



Materials: ABS and medical steel massage head Net

Vibration frequency: 8500RPM

Sonic frequency: 3 MHz

Power: DC3V / 120mA Plug: USB

Power consumption: 3V

Voltage: 3V

Powered by: 1 x button battery (not included)

Size: 15.1 x 4.05 x 3.45cm

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