2Pcs Ultra Soft Toothbrushes for Adults Sensitive Teeth and Gum Recession

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Higher Density Soft bristles- Easily get into interdental spaces and remove plaque easily and more effectively

Super Soft- Avoid damage enamel or gum in case of using extra force during brushing.

Free of sensitivity- Highly effective for sensitive teeth and gums.Protect gums from bleedin.

20,000 Soft bristles- More than 20,000 pretty soft micro-nano bristles, penetrate the sulcus of the teeth and the gum line, deeply and smoothly clean the teeth and remove the filthy without hurting the tooth enamel.

Designed toothbrush adopts nano technology, great for those who have fragile teeth and other teeth-related worries.

  • Material of bristle: PBT.

  • Material of handle: PP.

  • Bristle planting: Bristle melting.

  • Package Include:1x Blue soft toothbrush,1x Pink soft toothbrush.

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