Tourmaline Magnetic Self-heating Pain Relief Neck Wrap Brace

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Tourmaline Magnetic Relief Wrap works based on magnetic therapy to provide the maximum pain relief for neck, and also calf or thighs. It comes with 5 pieces of Bio-North (negative Polarity) with 1000 Gauss magnetic power, magnets are strategically placed over the nerves of the neck or sore area offering an effective natural remedy.

With faster healing, it reduce swelling & stiffness with no side effects. Self-releasing far infrared heat provide warming and soothing sensations. No drug involvement, this wrap works on improving blood circulation in and around the spasms or sore muscles. The increase in blood oxygen level can speed up the natural healing process result in better pain management.

The tourmaline fiber is breathable compressive support materials but design allows unrestricted motion for all activities throughout the day. One size fits all with easy velcro adjustments. Started with 20 minutes for safety trial. 45~60 Minutes per day is recommended.


Self-heating Pad: not only designed for the neck, and also calf or thighs ... it targets injured cells & detoxifies

Promote Blood Circulation: built-in 5Pcs self-heat magnets; Perform magnetic therapy through the artificial magnetic field; promote blood circulation for our head and neck.

Relief Work Fatigue: Magnets work on the neck points and relieve our cervical discomfort, especially after we sit in front of a computer for a long time.

Relieve Rheumatic Pain: Magnets generate heat internal and tourmaline lattice locks heat external, to relieve rheumatism pain for our grandparents.

OK Fabric: OK cloth fabric, soft, comfortable, flexible, and warm reserving.

Size: 49 x 11cm



Not suitable for people who has sensitive or allergic skin.

Few people might feel skin burning, over-heated, redness in the use. Please stop use since you might be allergic with Tourmaline. 

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