Tooth Whitening Kit White Teeth Clean Gel UV Bleach Dental Strength

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Innovative reactive oxygen teeth whitening technology.

Remove years of tough coffee, tea, wine, smoking stains of teeth.

Teeth whitening effect can be seen about the 7th day.

Strong sticky strip, no worry of falling off.

Perfectly fit the shape of teeth, comfortable to use.

Easy and handy to use anytime, anywhere.

Reduced Sensitive Formula.

Effective Yet Mild Formula, Strong enough to remove stains while being Gentle enough even for the sensitive teeth. Have a more enjoyable teeth whitening process with less pain caused..

  • Efficacy: whitening, removing yellow, removing tartar, removing black

  • Size: 12cm x 7cm x 2cm

  • Package Content: 14Pcs/ Box Teeth Whitening Strips


1. DON'T use the strips with wet hands.

2. DON'T use the strips immediately after brushing your teeth.

3. Gargle and brush your teeth after each use.

4. Keep away from children under 12.

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