Protective Face Shield Full Face Protection with Detachable Flter

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FULL FACE PROTECTION AND COMFORT: The unique design of the full face shield perfectly fits the contours of the face, fully preventing water droplets, saliva, splashes and dust, with better protection and comfort.

SUPER CLEAR ANTI-FOG MATERIAL: Facial protection equipment with anti-fog material, can resist fog after your long-term use. 100% transparent material allows you to see the whole face, convenient for daily communication with people.

CORRECTLY WEAR EFFECTIVE ANTI-FOG: Do not stuff your face all the way into the mask, chin and the edge of the mask below the alignment, so it will not fog up. If you have any questions about the product, please send us an email.

REMOVABLE REPLACEMENT FILTERS: This product comes with two filter cotton. Before use, remove the filter slot at the bottom of the lower cover, place the filter cotton flat, cover and put it back. Can effectively filter airborne particles, safe and secure.

EXTENSIVE AND PRACTICAL: This plastic full protection mask has a wide range of uses for industry and daily life, and is easy to carry. It can be reused and cleaned. It can be cleaned with water and soap, or wiped with disinfectant. (Recommended).

  • Color: Black, Grey, Red, Blue

  • Package List:1 X FACE SHIELD,2 X Filter cotton


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