Sparkling Crystal Lamp Rechargeable Touch Control LED Night Light

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The Sparkling Crystal Touch Lamp is an exquisitely designed table lamp that creates an aura of luxurious elegance in any room. The stylistic shape creates a graceful splendor with its intricate patterns of light.

The lamp has a sophisticated touch sensor with which you turn on and off the lamp and can switch between several colours and light intensity in order to create the harmonic ambience you desire.

✔️ 16 colours of lighting

✔️ Included remote control

✔️ Adjustable brightness

✔️ Sophisticated touch sensor

✔️ USB rechargeable

The Sparkling Crystal Touch is USB rechargeable, so that it can be used either connected with a USB cable or without.

Let the Sparkling Crystal Touch shine its wondrous light in your home or give it as a perfect gift to someone you love.

✨ Create an aura of luxurious elegance

✨ Fall asleep gently with a soft light

✨ Sophisticated touch sensor with many colours and light intensities


Dimmable: Yes

Remote Control Included: Yes

USB Cable Included: Yes

Rechargeable: Yes

Size: 21 x 9 cm

Material: Acrylic

Amount of Colours: 16

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