Outdoor LED Solar Powered Waterproof Stair and Garden Light

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The handy Solar Step Lights are great for lighting up gardens, porches, stairs and patios. You can increase visibility outdoors for reasons of design or safety. 

The lamps radiates a soft, relaxing light and the they are fully weather and rain resistant. Ideal for completing a gorgeously lit staircase or railing. 

Our solar step lights feature auto on/off nighttime sensors so you do not need to manually turn them on every night. Simply remove the insulator tab and place the light in direct sunlight, and you are ready to go. 

No wiring required. The lights have built-in solar panels which charges an internal battery, as well as an automatic activation feature when it gets dark. This way, you don't have to think about exchanging batteries or worry about any messy cables.

With its long lifetime, extended battery capacity and quick solar charge, it makes a perfect addition to the lighting atmosphere of your outdoors or garden.

✔️ EASY USE – Easy to install and use as an outdoors source of light.

✔️ WEATHER RESISTANT – Don't worry about exposure to rain or tough weather.

✔️ SOLAR POWERED – Energy and cost-saving. 


Power Source: Solar powered

Charging time: 4 to 5 hours

Work-time: 8-10h

Lifetime: 5000-10000h minimum

Light Source: LED Bulbs

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