Smart Flexible Swab Ear Wax Cleaner Removal Tool Kit

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Safer and more effective than cotton swabs, this is the best way to clean your ears

5cm elastic material design, will not damage the eardrum, safe and reliable

Provides a control of rinse flow rate to remove excess ear wax

Easy to use system, you just need to insert it into your ear and twist in direction of arrow to grab and extract earwax

Quality material: made of ABS +TPE, safe to use

Soft, spiraled, and grooved head collects more wax than a regular cotton swab

Type: Ear Wax Cleaner

Material: made of PP

Size: 125 x 15mm / 4.92 x 0.59inch

Net Weight: 110g / 3.88oz


Why do you need a Sabuy Swab?

Cotton swabs or other objects can push wax deeper into your ear,potentially injuring your ear drum.

You need such a Smart Swab to protect your ear.

Unlike cotton swabs, the soft, spiraled, and grooved head on the Smart Swab captures the wax with a small twist. You will like it.

Package Content:

1 x Smart Swab Handle

16 x Disposable Tips

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