Skinnies CONQUER Sungel SPF50 & 4-hour water resistant Sunscreen 100mL

Skinnies CONQUER Sungel SPF50 & 4-hour water resistant Sunscreen 100mL

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Skinnies CONQUER Sungel leads the way in pro sunscreen protection. Made with advanced Organogel to hold the UVA & UVB shields on your skin. Whether base jumping off El Capitan, hiking Milford Track, or surfing Pipeline, this broad spectrum SPF50+, 4-hour+ water resistant Sungel feels amazing on your skin. Made with no water so a little goes a long way.

Use a pea size blob for your face, neck and ears and you’re ready to conquer even the harshest of outdoor elements!

Made with Natural ingredients, including New Zealand Manuka Oil & Vitamin E. Plus, Imogel™, Octocrylene, Bemotrizinol, Zinc Oxide, Uvinul® A.


A pea size blob of Skinnies covers your face, neck & ears for the day. And about 5ml* (or a heaped teaspoon) covers your whole body (depending on how skimpy your togs are) for a day outdoors. 
That’s way less compared to the usual recommendation of 30ml (or a shot glass full) of white greasy sunscreen, meaning a tube of Skinnies goes so much further!


  • External application only
  • Patch test prior to use
  • Do not apply to broken skin 


  • Organogel base
  • Octocrylene 50mg/g
  • Bemotrizinol 50mg/g
  • Zinc Oxide 25mg/g
  • Uvinul A Plus 50mg/g
  • Vitamin E
  • Manuka Oil

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