Self-heating Doule Shoulder Therapy Support Brace Pad

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Self-heating pad designed for shoulder

Highly elastic belt, good elasticity, comfortable to wear, firm adhesion, and the same shape.

Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, clear meridians, enhance immunity.

Suitable for hyperthermia, shoulder pain, joint pain and other hyperthermia symptoms

Easy to use, discreet, can be used anywhere, anytime

Safe and comfort


Outer layer: super soft self-adhesive cloth, easy to turn on / off (adjustable size)

Material: Polyester + Tourmaline


Recommended 1-2 hours a day


If the body part appears redness, fever,hyperthermia, it is a normal phenomenon, With time, heat intense will become weak and the heating time will get longer.

Pregnant women, kids and those who suffer hypertension, heart troubles.

Do not use the product in sensitive parts such as eyes

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