Reusable Sealed Can Drink Caps

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Reliable In Quality:Made of quality plastic, waterproof, light in weight and in good shape, and practical drink cover. It is reusable, easy to snap, and reliable to use.

Easy To Use: Just slip the can lid barricade onto the tab until it locks, lift up to open the can, then swivel it to cover the mouth opening.

Use: It is useful to be applied as silicone soda can lids, can covers, can caps, can toppers, can savers, can stoppers, and more, meeting you plenty of uses.

A Wide Range of Applications: Differ colors help to distinguish your drinks in a party or camping; Fits standard Coke, juice, soda, drinks, popcorn, beverages, beer cans etc.

  • Material: plastic

  • Size: approx, 4.4cm x 3.3cm

  • Package List: 6 pcs/ 12  pcs

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