Reusable Heating Coaster USB Cup Warmers Pad

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Three Levels of Temperature Adjustment- Our coffee warmer are equipped with three different heating temperatures of 131/149/167(55/65/75℃), you can adjust the temperature that suits you according to your own preferences.

Automatic Power-Off- Our usb heating coasters come with an 8-hour automatic power-off, so you no longer have to worry about safety hazards caused by forgetting to turn off the heating pad, and you can enjoy the warmth of hot drinks with peace of mind.

Wide Application- Our cup warmer are suitable for various cup shapes and materials. They can not only be used to heat drinks, but also can be used as candle heaters to keep your room filled with candle fragrance.

Creative Little Light- The front part of our warm coaster is equipped with a small night light design, which allows you to enjoy warm drinks at night without turning on the lights, and can also add a warm atmosphere to the room.

High-Quality Materials- Our usb mug warmer are made of high-quality ABS + aluminum alloy panel + graphene heating film, which has stable heat conduction and even heating.

  • Size: 130 x 37.5mm

  • Weight: 150g

  • Rated Power: 10W

  • Input Voltage: 5V

  • Power Supply: USB

  • Package Include:1 x Heating Coaster,1 x Charging Cable

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