Hair Remover Used In Washing Machine Dryer Ball Reuse

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Good hair removal helper: Our washing machine pet hair catcher can capture animal hair or other hair from clothes, jackets and blankets, but also helps reduce limescale, rust and lime build-up in washing machines,and removes dusts and smell.

Protective Clothing: These laundry balls are designed to be round, so they will not cause any damage to your clothes during the washing process, and can be used for children's clothing. It effectively insulates clothing, reduces wrinkles and helps reduce drying time. Washed clothes are clean, shiny and last longer.

Small and space saving: Very compact. Each reusable dryer ball measures approx. With a diameter of 5 cm, it is small enough to save space in the washing machine and store easily.

Easy to use: No more manual hair removal. With our laundry balls, you just put these small laundry balls in the washing machine, turn on spin mode, or you can put them in the dryer with your clothes.

  • Size: 6 cm

  • Color: Orange,Blue

  • Package List: 5 / 10pcs Washing Balls

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