Reusable Gel Ankle Foot Ice Pack Wrap for Injuries 2pcs

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Precise Relief & Ease to Wear: Our ankle ice pack is a game-changer when it comes to targeted relief for ankle and foot injuries. Unlike bulky ice packs that can be cumbersome to use, our gel sock ice pack is designed for ease of wear and stays securely in place.

360° Compression Therapy: Whether you're coping with Achilles Tendonitis or foot injuries, our ankle ice pack offers tailored support and comfort, delivering therapeutic pressure from all angles. This helps to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing. 

Heat and Cold Therapy: Whether you need soothing heat or cooling relief, our cold gel ankle wrap has got you covered. Simply heat it in the microwave (for 45 seconds at max power) or cool (below -4°F (-18°C) for 2 hours) in the freezer for personalized comfort and pain relief. Our scientifically formulated ice pack for feet provides the recommended 15-20 minutes of therapy without the risk of harm or burning to the skin.

Comfortable Gel Design: Made from high-quality, medical-grade gel, our heel ice pack conforms to your foot's contours for maximum comfort. Its soft and flexible texture ensures a comfortable fit, just like wearing socks, allowing you to move freely.

Convenient and Simple: The ankle ice wrap is designed for hassle-free use. Its sock-like design allows for easy application and removal, making it suitable for daily use. Please keep it in the freezer and it's always ready when needed. The soft nylon stretch cover of sock ice wrap is kind to your skin. You can clean it with a damp towel after use.

Note: The heating time should not exceed 60 seconds, otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the product. It is recommended 15-20 minutes of therapy without the risk of harm or burning to the skin.

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