Reusable Anti-Winding Washing Machine Clothes Laundry Dryer Ball

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Anti-winding Laundry Ball: Roll in the washing machine to lift and separate clothes, so that hot air can flow effectively. Helps eliminate wrinkles, twists and tangles on clothes.

Material: This series of laundry balls are made of soft silica gel, which is durable, soft and durable, will not damage clothes and washing machines, and has good elasticity and is not easy to fade.

Design: The unique convex and concave design greatly improves washing efficiency and saves a lot of water and energy. Clothes are more fluffy, not tangled, effectively separating clothes and naturally softening fabrics.

Simple to Use: Reusable steamer dryer ball is very easy to apply, you can just simply put it in your dryer and you can see the laundry drying ball perform well.

  • Material: Silicone

  • Color: Gray, White

  • Product Size: 4 x 2.5cm

  • Quantity: 5/10 Pcs

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