Quick-Drying UV Nail Polish Lamp

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Professional drying of various gels- The nail lamp can cure various gels such as rhinestone gem glue, nail gel, nail sculpture gel, shell shellac and LED nail gel, which is very suitable for home and salon use. It is Valentine's Day The perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas and wedding anniversaries.

High-power and high-efficiency curing- The nail lamp has a high power of 54W, built-in 15 dual-light sources (365 + 405nm) LED lamp beads. Imitating sunlight, will not harm the eyes, protect the skin from darkening, no dead ends when working, shorten the drying time, and make nail glue Curing is faster.

Lightweight and portable- The nail lamp is light and small, with a super cute design, classic white color, and uses a USB connector to easily obtain power from a computer, laptop or mobile power supply. It is convenient to carry and is used in schools, offices, homes and travel The ideal nail light.

Large space automatic induction- UV nail lamp has a large enough space to dry 5 nails at the same time. The nail lamp can be automatically activated by the automatic sensor, you only need to insert or remove your hand/foot to start or stop curing.

Environmentally friendly and durable- The nail lamp body is made of high-quality engineering ABS material. The LED lamp beads are beads instead of tubes to avoid the potential danger of elemental mercury. The durable LED lamp beads have a test lamp life of up to 50,000 hours and can be continuous Use for up to 5 years. No need to worry about bulb replacement.

  • Colors: Pink, White

  • Power: 54W

  • Dimensions (LHW): 152 X 90 X 210MM


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