Pill Box Cut Pill Grind Pill Dispenser Moisture-Proof Rectangle for Tablet

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Multifunctional pill box, can store pill, cut pill, and grind pill.

The sharp blade is convenient for cutting pill, the anti-skid pad design prevents the tablet from sliding, the incision is neat, and there is no need to break the tablet by hand.

Equipped with a pill grinding area, press a few times to turn the tablet into powder.

Comes with an invisible brush for easy collection of pill powder, silicone circle design, sealed and moisture-proof.

Compartment design, Classified preservation, Do not affect each other.

  • Material: PP Polypropylene

  • Size: 8.4x6.3x3cm/3.31x2.48x1.18inch

  • Package Includes: 1x Pill Box 

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