Pet Urns for Dogs Cats Box Ashes Keepsake Memorial Ceramics Ashes Funeral Urn

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Comfort and Memories: Losing pets is very sad for most of us. Our pet ashes urn can soothe your heart and bring comfort to you or a friend grieving the loss of a beloved pet.

Premium Grade Ceramics: Made of high-quality ceramics, these urns for dogs and cats will never rust, corrode, or stain. They last forever, just like the memory of your beloved pet.

Secure Sealed Lid: The non-woven fabric seal ensures the urn is moisture-proof and easy to maintain, keeping your pet’s ashes safe and dry.

Adorable Design: Features a smiley face and a cute paw on the bottom, making it a beautiful memorial for your pet.

Smooth Finish: High-temperature ceramic technology ensures the interior is clean and smooth, preventing any spillage.

Memorial Plate Included: Write down your pet’s name, birthday, and any personal messages, making this urn a personalized keepsake.

Beautiful Display: This urn can be displayed as artwork on your bookcase, bedside table, or coffee table. It is not only a pet's ashes but also a cute animal statue and ornament.

Size: Small - 170ML, Large - 500ML

Materials: Ceramics

Style: Dog, Cat

Package Content: 1 x ceramic pet urns


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