Ultra-Absorbent Pet Dog Cat Potty Training and Puppy Pads Pee Pads

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Look at this Puppy Training Pads, perfect for toilet training or for dogs and puppies that are confined indoors for long periods.

When you have a new puppy in your home, 'accidents' are almost always inevitable. Toilet training is perhaps one of the most fundamental skills in life that you must teach your pup, and what better way than with these handy puppy training pads? 

These pads have a super absorbent polymer filling, which turns liquid into gel and locks wetness in the pad. The plastic backing protects your floors and a thick top layer resists scratches and tears. It has a built-in attractant scent which encourages puppies to use the pad, and sealed edges to prevent leakage. Puppy training pads are valuable tools in toilet training your dog and it helps to minimize 'accidents' in the house!


  • Pads are extra absorbent for easy cleanup. 

  • Great for puppies and incontinent dogs. 

  • Soft breathable non-woven top sheet keeps your dogs' skin dry and comfortable. 

  • Absorbent material helps contain fluid and prevents leakage.


  • Size S: 45 x 33 cm, 100pcs / bag

  • Size M: 45 x 60cm, 50pcs / bag

  • Size L:  60 x 60cm, 40pcs / bag


1 x Puppy Training Pads

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