Painless Bug Bites Home Outdoor Extractor Mosquito After Vacuum Remover Suction Tool

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Mosquito Bee , sting Snake sting kit is a sturdy, reliable First Aid tool for extracting subcutaneous irritants from bee stings, wasp stings and bite Absorbing pus in the wound, etc. Note, extractors work well to pull irritants from just beneath the skin but not from within the muscle tissue. Effectiveness will vary depending upon where the bite/sting occurred and how deep it is. Always seek professional medical attention immediately.

You need to remove the suction cap after use, and rinse it with soap and water. Avoid getting water in the pump portion or it may lose its suction ability.

This is a must have for outdoor activities like camping, hiking where there are chances of insect bites. This ready to use anywhere gear will help you get the first aid right away in order to protect you from swelling.

This is friendly for all ages ranging from kids to adults to extract the poison injected by the insect in the body. This is clinically proven. This does not require and cream and on the top there is no expiry date.

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