Non-Woven Fabric Nursery Seedlings Growing Plant Grow Bag Pouch

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Good Root Growth- The seedling bag has good water absorption and air permeability.The root of the seedling can easily penetrate the seedling bag to prevent root rot and tangles,so there's no need to unload it when transplanting,Our nursery bags is very beneficial to the growth of seedlings.

High Seedling Survival Rate- Our nursery bags are better than traditional nursery pots,with good drainage,air permeability,high seedling survival rate and fast growth.They can help to increase the rate of survival of plants,which can be applied in nurseries.

Widely Purpose- Nursery Growing Bags can be applied in different fields,Perfect for agriculture,forestry,ornamental flowers,vegetables and fruits.They can meet different needs.

Material- These root pouch are made of high-quality non-woven material,can be planted directly into the ground and garden.

  • Color: White

  • Material:Non-woven fabric

  • Quantity:100 pieces

  • Size:As your choice

  • Package including:100pcs

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