Invisible Face Lift Tape NZ: Instant Neck & Cheek Lift, Face Tape for Wrinkles, Double Chin & Cosmetic Enhancement - 120 PCS

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Face Lift In One Minute: The effect of this face lift tape is very visible and it can hides the fat on the face in one minute. Even people with different face shapes can use face-lifting tape and face-lifting bands to achieve different effects you want, effectively relieve skin sagging or baby fat ,double chin and other conditions, visually modify the facial contour, and make your skin look firmer and younger.

Ultra-thin: This face lift tape for face invisible is made of extremely thin (0.02 mm) tape, which is super invisible and does not weigh down your skin, causing problems such as acne breakouts due to excessive thickness. This ultra-thin face lift tape will always keep your face smooth and flat, blending perfectly with your foundation without a trace.The thickness is only 0.02mm,light and soft skin breathes comfortably.

Long Lasting: The face lift tape is made with professional waterproof materials and bonding technology, and have strong adhesion so you don't have to worry about losing tape adhesion and falling off due to sweat or contact with water. This face slimming tape will last around 8 hours on your face so you can continue to create the perfect contour. 120 sheets/box of invisible face lift tape will last you for a long time.

Easy to Use: Simply stick one end of the face tape to one spot on the skin, then pull the skin back 1 to 2 inches and push down firmly for instant results! It only takes a few minutes to easily slim your face. When removed, it can be gently removed with make-up remover. A friendly reminder that it hurts a little when you peel it off, so you can apply a warm compress or use makeup remover to soften it before peeling.

No Irritation to Skin: This face lift tape is very comfortable to wear, it is made of environmentally friendly materials, very gentle on all types of skin, does not cause allergic reactions, no side effects , natural and safe. The Face Tape Lift will be one of the best options for you to improve the shape of your face in a simple and physical way.


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