Natural Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Patch

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Benefits of Ginger Foot Pads- Help get rid of dampness and cold, promote blood circulation, foot purifier pads, warm feet and improve sleep quality. Make your body healthier and more relaxed.

Use Easily- Stick the foot pads on the bottom of the foot and wait for 8 hours while you sleep. The premium ingredients will be completely absorbed .In the next day morning, a small amount of residue on the feet can be cleaned with water. It can help you sleep deeply and make you feel refreshed and energetic when you wake up.

Enhance Quality of Sleep- Due to the pressure of life, many people’s sleep quality is not good, and the quality of life is affected. These foot pads aid in the perception of improved sleep quality as they help to sleep better.

Foot pads Vision- After numerous experiments and scientific formulation developed, can effectively regulate the body,Cleansing Your Body Made with natural ingredients.Foot Pads draw out Clean while you sleep. eliminate fatigue.All the work is done for you while resting!

Applicable Crowd- Both men and women can use it. This foot care pad is suitable for people who often feel tired, and it is very suitable for people who are under pressure. It is balanced by cleaning. Improve physical health.

  • Size: 3 x 10.5 x 2cm

  • Weight: 82g

  • Package List: 10 / 20 /30 Pcs Foot Pads


1. Take the foot stickers out of the bag and tear them off the small strip.

2. Glue the whiter side of the pack to the center of the foil.

3. Clean the skin of the feet before use (recommended when sleeping).

4. Align the position of Yongquan Point on the foot and stick it flat.

5. Tear off the non-stick strips, press lightly and paste.

6. Use 6-8 hours per post after use. Tear it off gently and wipe the sticky part of the feet with a paper towel or a hot and damp cloth.

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