Motion Sensor Night Light Rechargeable Carbinet Induction Lamp

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Motion Sensor led Strip Lights: It detects human motion, automatically turns on in the dark. The Motion Sensor Closet Lights is auto-on within 3-5 meters, auto-off after 20 seconds with no motion. In order to save battery life, these lights will not turn on if in a bright environment. If the two lights are too close, the light will affect each other (works only in dark conditions).

Switchable 2 Color Light: Enjoy the flexibility of two light options with the ability to switch between white light and warm light. This feature ensures you can customize the lighting to suit your preferences, providing added convenience.

USB rechargeable: The LED motion sensor light which is fixed by magnetism can can be detached and charged at will, and it can be charged by computer, mobile power supply, power adapter.

Easy to install: No wiring, no tools, motion sensor lights can be installed on Kitchen cabinets, aisles, stairs, closet, wardrobes, the surface of the metal object.

Multipurpose: Provide a light source in the dark to protect you and your family. It can be used in bedroom living room, under cabinets in kitchen, closet, Garage, vanity mirror, storage unit.

Kind tips:
1. If the light sensor detects enough light, the light will not turn on.
2. Do not install the lamp in a humid or high temperature place to ensure the tape works properly.


Sensitivity: about 3-5 meters away

Sensing range: about 120 degrees + 6m wide-angle sensing

Light color: white + warm light

Power: 0.6w

LED life: 100,000 hours

Battery required: USB charging

Package Included: 1 * PIR motion sensor light, 1 * USB charging cable, 1 * User Manual

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