Migraine Relief Ice Head Wrap Headache Hat Cold Therapy Cap Eye Mask

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EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF: Migraine Ice Head Wrap – the ultimate solution for effective pain relief. This versatile cap targets headaches, migraines, tension headaches, sinus pain, and more. With instant cold compress and precise cold therapy, it's the perfect stress relief gift for anyone.

SOFT AND COMFORT: Crafted with expert cooling gel and smooth Lycra fabric, the migraine relief cap provides soft and skin-friendly comfort. It remains flexible even when frozen at 0°F (-18℃), ensuring a cool and relaxing experience.

COLD THERAPY: Activate cold therapy by chilling the cap in the fridge for 1-2 hours. The icy cold sensation lasts 15-20 minutes, offering quick relief. Adjust the refrigeration time to suit your needs.

PERFECT FIT: Our unique design provides 360° soothing compression, fitting all head shapes and sizes. The highly elastic Lycra and stretchable gel cover the entire head, applying the right amount of pressure for relaxation.

QUICK SLEEP: Block out light and distractions with the cap, promoting a quiet, cool, and dark environment for easy sleep and pain relief.

Experience effective pain relief and relaxation with our Migraine Ice Head Wrap – your solution to headaches and migraines.

  • Material: Elastic cloth, Gel

  • Color: Black, Pink, Blue

  • Dimensions (LWH): 22 x 17 x 1.5 cm

  • Package List: 1 x Gel Cap

Hot & Cold Therapy

  • Cold Therapy: It can be frozen for cold therapy about 1-2 hours. Thus it could be better envelop your head in an icy cocoon of coolness and compression.
  • Hot Therapy: It can be microwaved for heated therapy, starting at 20 seconds and add in 10-second increments to get your desired temperature.

Please follow the following instructions to heat it.

  1. Remove your product from any plastic bags.
  2. Make sure the product is NOT cold and has reached room temperature (VERY IMPORTANT).
  3. Microwave starting at 20 seconds and add in 10-second increments to get your desired temperature.

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