Memory Foam MeshLumbar Support Back Cushion Pillow

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Lumbar Support for Car and Office Chair, Memory Foam Chair Back Support Cushion with Breathable Mesh Cloth and 3D Anti-Slip Rubber Bottom

Expansion the lumbar pillow's size, relax your waist.

The lumbar pillow adopts a full support radian design, and after ergonomic repeated research and testing, it can accurately fit our waist contour. and the back support increase thicken on the left and right the side to compensate for the gap between the back and support, thus improve the sitting posture.

The central S-shaped curve stretches the back and protects the natural curvature of the spine. The large curved contact surface supports all-round and relaxes the back and waist.

Supple support, sitting for a long time without fatigue

Selects suprior raw materials to make high-gram memory foam cores. The memory foam has smaller internal molecular gaps and more delicate support for the waist.

At the same time, its excellent pressure relief can evenly disperse the pressure on the waist, relax without pressure, just like massaging the waist, not sitting for a long time exhausted.

High quality for professional buckle, convenience and durable

The professional buckle has excellent durability and resistance to complex environments and is widely used in many sports and outdoor professional fields. It can ensure that it can still be inserted normally in severe cold environments. Professional quality, durable.

Dry and breathable mesh cloth

In order to the convenience of customers, we are specially adopt with mesh cloth. Breathable, sweat-absorbing, dry and washable.


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