Ergonomic Mattress Lifter - Bed Making & Lifting Handy Tool

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Are you tired of lifting the mattress with so much effort and energy?

This Mattress Lifter is designed to reduce the strain on your spine and help you make the bed easier and faster.  It features an inclined wedge design which can hold the mattress in an elevated position.

Strong & Durable: Our mattress elevator is crafted from friction-resistant, durable polypropylene, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Ergonomic Design: With its ergonomic design, this mattress lifter effortlessly raises your mattress up to 15 cm when inserted between the mattress and box springs. No partner needed!

Mattress Elevator: Insert the tools, use both hands to make the bed and place bed skirts. Say goodbye to repeated lifting while changing linens or making the bed.

Comfortable Holding: The curved handle provides a comfortable grip at a natural wrist position, offering greater comfort, strength, and energy transfer. Choose your preferred grip position.

Bed Mattress Tucker: Use this handy tool to tuck in linens and smooth sheets effortlessly. It eliminates the need to lift the mattress, making bed-making and mattress lifting a breeze. Alleviate back pain with ease!

IMPORTANT: Make sure there is a Boxspring for lifter to slide on and function. This device will not work with mattresses on a bed frame that have a lip or raised edge.

  • Color: Blue

  • Material: ‎PP

  • Size: 38x11.8cm, 25x9cm

  • Package Contains:1 X Mattress Wedge Elevator

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