Kitchen Faucet Tap Water Filter Carbon Purifier

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  • Four-tier filtration

  • Tier one contains natural zeolite ore; it can filter chlorine and other heavy metal impurities

  • Tier two contains calcium sulfate to absorb organic compounds, toxic metal ions, chlorine and harmful bacteria and viruses in the water

  • Tier three contains activated carbon which can absorb chlorine, odour and a variety of toxic and other hazardous substances

  • Tier four contains a PVC non-woven filter layer for solids and visible impurities

  • Material: bamboo charcoal

  • Dimensions: 60mm x 30mm x 45mm

  • Suitable for tap diameter 15mm-20mm (0.6’’ x 0.8’’)

  • Expiration date depends on the water hardness

  • It is recommended to replace the filter every two months

Please note: Black water may flow through on first use | Please run the tap for 5-10 seconds before every use | Avoid prolonged use in hot water, optimal temperature is 50 degree

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