Interactive Dog Toy Wobble Giggle Ball with Funny Sounds

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Safe and High Quality--The Wobble Giggle Dog Ball is made of 100% non-toxic and durable hard PVC material. Not only no harm to the dog and is safe, but also can be cycle use. The color we designed is also a conspicuous green, which is easy for dogs to find.

A Ball that Makes Sounds-- The dog can push the Wobble Giggle ball gently with its nose. The Wiggle Ball Dog Toy Funny Sounds comes with three tubes that make fun sounds to get your dog's attention when the ball is rolling. No batteries are needed.

A Teething Toy for Dogs-- We all know that every dog has a teething period. In order to reduce the amount of damage in your home.This giggle ball can help you eliminate this annoyance, and we have enhanced the thickness of the ball. It is very strong and chewable, so it can better help your dog through the teething period.

Easy to Be Happy--If the dog can't pick it up while playing with the wobble ball, it will lose interest. We designed six pockets so that the dog can easily and quickly pick up the wobble ball, and it is easier for him to have fun. This interactive ball is the fastest way to bond with your dog.

Develop Your Dog's Intelligence-- Not only does the giggle ball help develop your dog's intelligence and relieve stress and anxiety, but the giggle ball can be played outdoors or at home, and proper outdoor play keeps dogs healthy.

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