Hip Thrust Belt Exercise Booty Belt for Hip Thrust Use

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Comfortable and durable material: The hip thrust belt is made of soft and comfortable non-slip pads and high quality velcro to protect your hips without worrying about the weights slipping off. The hip thrust belt for dumbbells the dumbbells in place well without the weights swinging and fluttering lightly.

Strengthen your hip muscles: The hip thrusters band can work your hips, waist, shoulders and legs, making your body line more proportionate and full, and help build up your waist strength. Shape your body and maintain a perfect body shape. It looks like the best way to exercise your hips.

Home Fitness: Easy to carry around so you can work out anywhere, anytime, helping you recover faster and making your workouts more efficient. Simply add dumbbells to the hip thrust strap and you can use it at home, take it to the gym, or office, or put it in your luggage for easy travel.

Multiple Exercises: The Hip Thrust Belt can be used with dumbbells, kettlebells and planks. Add weight to the hip thrust belt to perform squats, glute bridges, squats, planks, push-ups, reverse hyperextensions, single leg hip thrusts, side presses and more.

Suitable for any fitness stage: Suitable for most standard dumbbells, catering for beginners to fitness professionals. Please do not exceed your maximum limit during use to avoid muscle strain. Fitness is all about progression.

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