High Pressure 5 Spray Modes Shower Head with ON/Off Switch

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Five Spray Functions: The shower head offers various spray functions, including rain, spray, rinse, and other combined modes. This allows you to adjust the water flow and pressure according to your preference and specific needs.

Self-Cleaning Silicone Nozzles: Equipped with 132 anti-scale silicone nozzles, the shower head ensures even water distribution and helps prevent clogging and split ends. 

Water-Saving On/Off Pause Button: The shower head includes a convenient on/off pause button. This button allows you to temporarily stop the water flow. It comes in handy when you need to save water, reach for shampoo or soap, bathe children or pets, or perform other tasks without shutting off the shower completely.

High-Quality Materials: The shower head is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The chrome-plated surface adds an elegant touch to the shower head while making it resistant to fading, water stains, and corrosion.

Easy Installation: The shower head can be installed without the need for tools or a plumber. It features a tool-free connection, allowing you to easily connect it to the water pipe.

The connection port is compatible with most types of water pipes, making it accessible for a wide range of installations.

Materials: Premium ABS

Package Content:  1 x Shower Head


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