12inch Pop Up Flower Bouquet Greeting Card Gift

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MAKE EVERY OCCASION SPECIAL with a delightful pop-up flower bouquet that unfolds in your hand. A beautiful gift for birthday, friendship, sympathy, encouragement, get well or thank you cards. 

HIGH QUALITY PAPER POP UP CARDS in whimsical designs and vibrant colors will wow your loved ones. Bring the beauty of the botanical world to a loved one in a more sustainable, and everlasting way.

LARGE POP UP BIRTHDAY CARDS stand 12 inches tall on their own or in in the supplied paper vase. A blank notecard is included for your custom gift message. 

ECO FRIENDLY GIFT made from 100% recyclable paper. A wonderful alternative to fresh delivered flowers without the environmental impact, and they last longer too!

Includes: large bouquet, bouquet note card, and mailing envelope.

Measures approximately 29cm high x 24.5cm wide.


Sunflower: Bright yellow petals with a brown center, symbolizes loyalty, longevity, and adoration, popular for special occasions and weddings.


Blue Bonnets: State flower of Texas, striking blue-purple color, symbolizes humility, loyalty, and admiration, often used in Texas-themed bouquets and arrangements.


Field of Daisies: a paper bouquet with daisies and wildflowers, presented in a classic embossed vase, symbolizing friendship and new beginnings.


Carnation: Popular flower as gifts for Mother's Day, often symbolizes love and admiration.

Dear Dahlia GRAND: a pop-up bouquet with calla lilies, dahlias, and eucalyptus, making a bold and dramatic statement.

Cherry Blossom: an elegant and timeless pop-up bouquet with soft pink sakura petals representing renewal and the wondrous beauty of nature, accompanied by an ornate paper vase.

English Daffodils: a pop-up bouquet featuring hardy springtime flowers that traditionally symbolize resilience and success, easy to care for and long-lasting.

Lilies & Lupines: a mixed bouquet with majestic lilies symbolizing rebirth and stately lupines celebrating optimism and new opportunities, an enduring gift for warm wishes and encouragement.


Tropical Bloom: a whimsical and enduring bouquet featuring Birds of Paradise representing flights of freedom and optimism, vibrant blue Lotus blossoms symbolizing rebirth, and fragrant Plumeria representing hope.

Festive Tulips: a dazzling collection of pastel blooms in a pop-up bouquet, symbolizing new beginnings and radiating the essence of spring.

Hydrangeas: Large and lush blooms in various colors, popular for special occasions, symbolize gratitude and love.


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