Folding Portable Camping Hiking Stool Chair

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FOOD GRADE MATERIAL- Convenient folding paper leather stool, thickened and load-bearing up to 100KG, suitable for outdoor travel, fishing, and home use.

MULTIPLE USES- PP material, not only a stool, easy to fold, just one step, easy to turn into a folder, easy to carry, can be used as a storage bag.

DOES NOT TAKE UP SPACE- It can be folded and stored to save space, and it can be folded and placed in the crevice when it is not used at home. It can be put in a backpack when going out, thinner than a mobile phone.

PRECAUTIONS- When the stool surface is folded and squeezed, white spots will appear, which is a normal phenomenon. The arc design at the foot of the stool is slightly unstable, which does not affect normal use.

HOW TO USE: Just take out the stored folding stool, hold the handle with both hands and pull it out, hold the side with one hand, and press down from the stool surface with the other hand. Easy to carry, quick to deploy and ready to use.

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