Foldable Steamer Basket Insert Rack

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The steamer basket with high quality stainless steel petals, food grade plastic handle and silicone feet will guarantee your health.

Steaming is a healthy cooking choice because it helps retain more than 90% of the nutrients lost when either boiling or microwaving food.

The foldable steamer basket can be used to steam veggies, seafood, eggs, meats, desserts, baby food and much more.

A great gift for women, men and everyone!


- High quality food grade material .

- Made of 18 panels can steam variety of foods.

- Steam Foods preserves flavor and nutrients.

- Collapsible design for easy compact storage.

- Expands and adjusts to various pots, pans or pressure cooker.

- Removable central handle for steaming of larger food.

- 3 legs at the bottom keep food separate from the pot.

- Lift it from the boiling water with a fork.

- It can be used as container or candy plate.

- Easy to use, simply place the basket, feet side down.

- Dishwasher safe making it easy and faster to clean.

Size: small 14cm-23cm; large 18-28cm

Package Content: 1 x folding steamer

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