Flexible DIY Styling Wave Hair Rollers Curler

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Are you so envious of the movie-star-like wavy hair style but tired of the damaging curling iron? Here's a perfect substitute for you to lift up your hair and get beautiful curls & waves! 

These rollers & curlers make it possible to create curly sexy hair style easily in minutes, especially great for urgent party and occasions. Also you can DIY at home and save money and time spending at the salon with no chemical damage!

Just buy now and be your own hairstylist, make yourself confident and charming!

Tips For Correct Use: 
  • 1. Keep your hair in 40% to 50% wet
  • 2. Separate your hair into several sections 
  • 3. Use the hook and put it through the curlers
  • 4. Put a wisp of hair into the hook and then pull the hook out of the curlers
  • 5. Wear the curlers one by one
  • 6.You should keep the curlers on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes
  • (The effect is better with the use of hair dryer)

* Easy, quick and safe to create good curls 
* DIY at home and save money & time 
* No chemical damage any more to your hair 
* Two sizes for your choice according to your hair length 

Style A: 20pcs total
* 18pcs Short Curlers, Size: 18cm x 2.8cm (Straightened) 
* 2pcs Hooks,  Length: 38cm 

Style B: 16pcs total
* 7pcs Long Curlers, Size:  30cm x 3.0cm (Straightened) 
* 7pcs Short Curlers, Size: 18cm x 2.8cm (Straightened) 
* 2pcs Hooks,  Length: 38cm 


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