Essential Oil Foot Bath Effervescent Herbal Foot Soak Tablets

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Essential Oil Foot Bath Effervescent Tablets- Reduce swelling, as well as any pain or stiffness.reduce away elephant legs & flabby body fat,Effectively improves blood circulation for a thinner and slimmer leg.

Natural Herbal Ingredients- Made with 100% organic ingredients for natural and safe use. Our infuses a mixed blend of premium herbal essence to your feet.Guaranteed for Safe Usage.Make your soles feel relaxed and refreshed.

Foot Bath Effervescent Tablet- Suitable for Men and Women, Family, Foot Bath, Beauty Salon, Experience through your Feet to Rejuvenate Legs & Whole Body. Quick and Fast Visible Results After Constant Application.

Easy to Use- Just fill up the foot soak tub with water and drop the Foot Soak Foot Bath Effervescent Tablets. As soon as the Foot Bath Effervescent Tablet enters the water, it will start to foam and fizz. Over time, the Foot Bath Effervescent Tablet will start to break apart and dissolve, thus allowing all the beneficial essential oils to be released into the bath water.

  • 10 Effervescent tablets/Pack

  • Packing List: 1/2/3 Pack - Essential Oil Foot Bath Effervescent Tablets


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