Encare I-SHIELD 1.5gx40 Sachets

Encare I-SHIELD 1.5gx40 Sachets

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Sent from Auckland

I-Shield is a natural, completely non-dairy concentrated source of oral immunoglobulins (antibodies) from a serum-derived bovine source in New Zealand.


Bovine globulin (SBI), Fructose, Natural strawberry flavour 1.5g x 40 packets/ box

Health Benefits:
Helps growth and vitality
Provides concentrated immunoglobulins to enhance mucosal immunity
Supports GI barrier health and integrity
Helps maintain microbial balance
Helps maintain normal inflammatory balance


For children aged 1-3: take 1 packet every other day with fluid (milk)
For children aged 3+: take 1 packet daily with fluid or food
For maximum health benefit: take 2 packets daily with fluid or food

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