Electroculture Plant Stakes Gardening Copper Coil Antennas

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Increase yield: Electrically cultivated plant piles can increase the productivity and growth rate of plants, allowing you to enjoy nutritious fruits faster.

Natural and environmentally friendly: Made entirely of environmentally friendly materials, it does not contain any chemicals harmful to plants or the environment. Let your plants thrive without any burden.

Durability and reusability: These copper coil antennas are made of high-quality copper material, ensuring their durability, not easily damaged or rusted, and can serve your multi-season gardening activities.

Improve soil quality: Electric plant stakes improve soil structure and fertility in a natural way, allowing your plants to grow in better soil.

Easy to use: Plant piles are easy to use and do not require special equipment or professional knowledge. You just plug them into the ground and let them run.

  • Material: wood+copper wire

  • Size:As shown in the picture

  • Color:As shown in the picture

  • Type: Electrically grown plants

  • Applicable scenarios: outdoor gardens, potted plants

  • Features: Universal, Superconducting, Easy to Use

  • Package Includes:1/6 pcs

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