Electric Vacuum Cups Breast Enlargement Massager

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Are you not sure that there are no chubby breasts? If you are, you can try our breast enhancement instrument. It has the effect of preventing breast hyperplasia, pain and the like. The body of the breast is improved and is suitable for treating most symptoms. Why not try?

【Vacuum Adsorption Dredge Acupoint】By vacuum adsorption principle to do physical acupoint massage for dredging breast's meridian and promoting micro circulation. For example cupping on back.

【Enlarge Breast】Stimulates breast regrowth, focus movement, increase breast contents, so as to admirably improve women's breast enhancement and enlargement.

【Multifunction Beauty Breast】Suitable for all type skin, Improve dysplasia breast, flat breast, sagging breast caused by breast feeding, deformed breast etc.

【Breast Upright & Elastic】 Create healthy breast curve, keep breast upright and elastic.

Suction Cup Size (approx.):

  • Size S: 12CM/4.72in, is suitable for A/B cup.

  • Size L: 13.5CM/5.2in, is suitable for C cup.

Material: ABS + Plastic Charcoal + Silicon

Output: DC 3.7V

Suction Cup Size (approx.): S: 12CM / 4.72in, L: 13.5CM / 5.2in

Working Mode: negative pressure liposuction

Power Supply: USB charging

Rated voltage: DC 3.7V

size: 178 x 50 x 65mm/ 7. 01x 1.97 x 2.65in

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