Elastic Travel Suitcase Cover

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This elastic luggage cover is specially designed for travel and reliably protects your luggage from scratches and damage

Made of polyester material its stretchable properties adapt to different shapes, providing a secure fit

Featuring a bottom hook and loop closure effortlessly slip it over your luggage for a snug fit

The cover is easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for multiple trips

Whether flying or on a road trip, our luggage cover safeguards your belongings from dirt and scratches

Not only does it preserve the appearance of the suitcase, the bright color makes it easy to identify

Material: Polyester

Package Contents: 1 x Elastic Travel Suitcase Cover


S: fit 18-20 inch luggage

M: fit 22-24 inch luggage

L: fit 26-28 inch luggage

XL: fit 29-32 inch luggage


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