Double-Sided Travel Dust Brush Lint Pet Hair Removers

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SELF-CLEANING- Removable bottom, push and pull to collect hair and fluff. Practical self-cleaning design, simple and convenient, saves your time and effort.

PORTABILITY- Pull-out design, compact structure, does not occupy space, easy to carry and store. The ideal kit for caring for clothing whether at home or outdoors or while traveling.

WIDE APPLICATION- It's like a magnet that attracts annoying fluff, pet hair, dust, and more. Ideal for cleaning clothes, beds, cushions, and bringing you a neat and clean home environment.

REUSABLE- The product uses the principle of electrostatic adsorption, without any accessories and consumables, healthy and environmentally friendly. Double-sided usable design, convenient for left or right hand use, bringing you a good experience.

EXCELLENT QUALITY- Colorful color schemes, elegant shapes, and high-quality materials make our hair remover a delight to look at and add a touch of beauty to your home. Soft bristles protect clothes from damage. Note that it is best to use against the direction of the bristles.

  • Colours: white, blue, pink

  • Materials: ABS, polyester

  • Dimensions (LWD): 17 x 4.5 x 2cm

  • Quantity: 1PC

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