Disposable Bed Sheet Hotel Business Trip Travel Camping Single Use Non-woven Fabric Queen-size Bed Sheet

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This disposable non-woven bedding is made of non-woven fabric, is breathable, soft, and comfortable to use.

The non-woven bedding is designed for traveling, backpacking, camping, business trip, etc to use.

The disposable bedding can be used in many places, such as a tent, hotel, motel and so on.

The disposable non-woven bedding is safe and healthy to use, toss it into a garbage can after one-time use.

The non-woven bedding is moisture-wicking. it is small, compact and convenient to carry or store.

  • Material: Non-woven fabric.

  • Color: White

Type 1:

2x Pillow case( 50 x 80cm)

Type 2:

1x Twin-size bed sheet.(200 x 230cm)

Type 3:

1x Single bed sheet.(180 x 230cm)

Type 4:

1x Quilt cover.(200 x 230cm)

Type 5:

1x Pillow case.(50 x 80cm)

1x Twin-size bed sheet.(150 x 210cm)

1x Quilt cover(180 x 230cm)

Type 6:

2x Pillow case.(50x80cm*2)

1x Queen size bed sheet.(200x230cm)

1x Quilt cover(200x230cm)

Type 7:

2x Pillow case.(50x80cm*2)

1x Queen size bed sheet.(220x240cm)

1x Quilt cover(220x240cm)

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