Coco Brownie Anti-Aging Skin Repair Cream 50ml

Coco Brownie Anti-Aging Skin Repair Cream 50ml

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Three core components work synergistically, anti-oxygen + rejuvenation regeneration. Astaxanthin: eliminate free radicals and resolve the aging crisis fundamentally. Peptide x extracted from brown algae: promote collagen production and accelerate cell metabolism. Triple anti-oxygen to brightening and moisturizing the skin.


Astaxanthin- the king of antioxidants, solves the aging crisis and clears free radicals of aging.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl tripeptide-promote collagen production.

Centella asiatica extract- increases cell activity and dispels scars.

Ginseng extract- delays cell aging and increases skin elasticity.

Black Ganoderma extract- regulates metabolism balance and eliminates free radicals.


Apply appropriate amount of the cream at 5 locations- the forehead, the cheeks, the nose and the chin with the spoon allocated. Gently lift and massage from the chin to the top of the face. Finally, gently pat the face to promote better absorption of the product.


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