Clear PVC Suitcase Protectors Transparent Cover Waterproof Wheeled Travel Luggage Sleeve

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Protect Your Luggage: Made from heavy-duty PVC material and equipped with durable velcro, our transparent luggage cover provides full protection for your beloved suitcase. Say goodbye to scratches, stains, and messes!

Easily to Recognize: Our transparent PVC luggage cover makes it easy to identify your suitcase in the airport or any crowded place. Plus, the velcro bottom makes it simple to install and remove.

Suitable for All Sizes: No matter what size suitcase you have (20, 24, 28, or 30 inches), our luggage cover offers complete protection. Just be sure to measure your luggage carefully.

Easy to Install: With our heavy-duty PVC material and velcro bottom, you can easily put it on in a few second. And it is not completely enclosed, it has a gap space at the top handle which will not affect normal functions using.

Travel in Style and Security: Our transparent luggage cover not only protects your suitcase, but it also looks great. And with the easy-to-use velcro bottom, you can travel with confidence knowing your luggage is safe and secure.

  • Size: 20INCH,24INCH,28INCH,30INCH

  • Package Includes 1PCS Clear PVC suitcase cover

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